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Villa Ancilla Domini
- Holidays House -


"Villa Ancilla Domini" is an instrument for the mission of the apostolate of the Institute for the promotion of religious tourism, social integration, assistance, friendliness and hospitality of the person according to the Magisterium and the teaching Church's social.

The structure is organized to provide a hospitable, peaceful and relaxing break, where the guest has the opportunity to rediscover the human and Christian values in a relationship of respect, fellowship, prayer and kindness with everyone.

"Villa Betania" of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary. Sorrow is a structure for the temporary residence of individuals or groups who share a journey of faith and Christian spirituality, for a social tourism, hospitality and religious, that in addition to services for the hospitality and offers its guests an atmosphere an environment of serenity where you can exert moments of prayer and meditation.

The institute offers its guests its structures and religious personnel for continuous spiritual and religious care, as well as the adjoining chapel, where everyone can go to for moments of prayer and meditation, personal and / or municipalities.


Check-in: is done starting at 08.30 and until 20.00 , unless otherwise agreed in advance with the direction taken by the House. The rooms are delivered from 14.30 hours on day of arrival, unless otherwise available.

Upon arrival, the guest must show a valid ID to the reception and view the Standing Orders.

Persons not registered are not authorized to access in the rooms.

Check-out: the room must be left immediately after breakfast on the day of departure and in any case not later than 10.00 am. In case of delay, unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by the Management, the guest will be required to pay the entire day.

The access code will be returned to the room at the reception desk each time you depart from the House and during the time of check-out. The lost keys will be charged to the guest at the rates listed in the rules.
Night curfew
The Guest shall observe the following night under curfew: Winter (from 10-10 to 30-04) the closing time is scheduled for 21:00 in summer (from 01-05 to 30-09) 22.00, be taken unless otherwise agreed in advance with the management.

Guest can enjoy a range of services to improve their stay at the facility:

- Ability to stay in single or double rooms, all with private bath;
- Breakfast served from 07.30 am to 9.30 am;
- Daily cleaning of rooms and common areas;
- Meeting room with television;
- Refrigerator;
- Park and Garden;
- Private access to the sea.

Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Note: a full change of linen is usually at the start. If the stay of guests more than three nights, the complete change will be made after the third night (fourth day).

Luggage can be stored at the time of 'arrival waiting for rooms. Villa Ancilla Domini is not responsible for theft or damage to baggage left unattended by 'Guest.
The Department disclaims any responsibility for theft or generally for the loss of both objects in the rooms and public areas outside the facility.

Payment Types

The payment of accommodation must be paid upon arrival and during the check-in. Exceptions may be authorized only by the Directorate during the booking process. The Guest who breaks the stay before the deadline is not entitled to any refund except in severe cases, established by the Directorate of the House. The guest who has paid the deposit and withdrawal hospitality is not entitled to a refund of the deposit. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.

Religious Functions

The Institute offers its guests their own facilities and personnel to support religious and spiritual religion, as well as the adjoining chapel, where everyone can go to participate in the S. Mass and moments of prayer and meditation, personal and / or municipalities.

Behavioral norms

In order to ensure the harmony of serenity and safety of themselves and other guests, the management asked to observe the following conduct:

1) Guests must comply with the timetables of the structure, with certain exceptions evaluated by the Directorate;
The reception and concierge service starts at 08.00 and ends at the time fixed for the return evening.
The House staff is always available on call.
The curfew is set to allow a climate of silence and tranquility within the structure.
The person responsible for special reasons, find it necessary to extend the return, it is necessary to announce to time management.

2) The guest is obliged to observe the schedule of meals if included. Breakfast is served from 07.30 to 09.30, lunch and dinner can be served only by reservation, to be made by the previous evening, respectively, at the following times: 13.00 and 20.00.
For special reasons of health or food intolerance is permitted, in accordance with the Management menu request other than those set by the House.

3) The guest is obliged to inform the Directorate of any visits. The host can not receive visits in the room anyway, except in special cases examined by the board and after registration.

4) The room key is handed over to the reception when the guest leaves the property.

5) The guest must behave in a manner that his conduct does not disturb or otherwise, does not offend the other services and inconvenience;

6) The guest is required to ensure the preservation of material and premises granted for personal use or municipality. Where are caused damage to property, must be paid to the House.

7) No pets allowed in the house, keep weapons out of the windows to expose underwear, smoking throughout the hotel and consume alcoholic beverages and food in different rooms.

8) It is always advisable to conduct appropriate environment, and in particular is a dress and observance of silence after the closing time.

9) the Guest is invited to moderate the volume of the TV, and avoid crowds and noise that could disturb the peace of other guests.

10) Guests are invited to the low volume of cell phone ringtones and have a moderate tone of voice.

11) in the rooms is strictly prohibited the use of electric and gas (heaters, stoves, irons).

12) The parking of guests' cars are allowed within the limits of capacity, in the spaces provided. The property offers ample parking for cars unattended. Management is not responsible for any damage or theft in the parking lot.

Admission to the "Villa Betania" requires acceptance by guests of all rules and regulations in force at and in the present document is an excerpt.

Failure to comply with these rules can result of removal Villa Bethany beyond that interruption relationship hospitality.


Rome, there December 16, 2010

The Management

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